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Despre noi

Mesaj TV este un Canal de televiziune și Radio, care oferă 24/24h conținut de natură creștină.

Mesaj TV a luat naștere din dorința de a transmite Mesajul Evangheliei la cât mai multi români de pe întreg Pământul. Suntem convinși că Dumnezeu ne-a pus în inimă această dorință și vrem să luăm parte la Marea Trimitere printr-o răspândire cât mai curată a Evangheliei.

Trimite Mesajul mai departe

Ceea ce contează mai mult nu sunt cuvintele ci acțiunile pe care le facem: implică-te în promovarea Mesaj TV

Dragostea față de semeni

Semenii noștri nu sunt doar cei din biserica din care facem parte - și cei din afara bisericii au nevoie de mântuire.


Oamenii au întrebări la care de cele mai multe ori așteaptă răspunsuri. Fii tu acea persoană care le poate oferi!

Proclamă Evanghelia

Fii unul dintre acei oameni care sunt gata să proclame Evanghelia lui Hristos prin intermediul Mesaj TV.

Misiunea noastră

Să ducem Mesajul Evangheliei la cât mai mulți oameni prin intermediul tehnologiei media.

Viziunea noastră

Să ajungem în fiecare casă conectată la internet.

Cine sunt sponsorii noștri?

Toți cei care doresc să fie parte la misiunea pe care Mesaj TV o are.


noi suntem cei din spatele proiectului Mesaj TV.


Marius Teodoru

Video Maker & Editor

Adrian Roman

Video Maker & Editor

Ionut Alazaroae

PR Coordinator

Ovidiu Spin

Video Maker & Editor


Ne poti contacta oricand, pentru orice informatie.


Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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De ce Mesaj TV?

Although Romania has developed in many areas since 1990, it is still recovering after the revolution. We paid a price and earned our freedom, but unfortunately we didn't know what to do with it. We even earned our freedom to believe in God and worship Him, but slowly we have used our freedom to do wrong and turned our back on God. Mass Media is the greatest tool to divide people and to make them hate each other. There are dozens of scandals, politics, advertising, music and all sorts of TV stations, but there s so little Christian content on television.

Our goal is to create a Christian TV and Radio Channel, spreading more Christian content in Romania in the hope that people will be uplifted, encouraged and some will come to Christ through it.
Mesaj TV and Mesaj Radio will broadcast TV shows with discussions on Christian topics such as news, sermons, Christian music, Christian movies, family shows, conferences, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Anyone who has a smartphone, tablet or PC, will be able to get our MESAJ TV / Radio broadcast with all its content online through the website and its designated apps.

Being a Non- Profit Organization, we will work hard to earn a living while sharing the Gospel, but we will also look forward to help churches with live streaming on special events.
We will be glad to help pastors and gifted preachers who cannot afford to make a Biblical TV Transmission or even record a sermon.

Our vision is to see Jesus come back in the hearts of all Romanians wherever they are and whatever they do, by spreading the Message of the Gospel until we all come in unity in our faith in Him.
To get this Message to the world, we are committed to share it through media, such as the internet, television, radio and social networks.
Our desire is to see the present and next generation spending more time watching clean, safe, character building Christian content.

- TV Channel

- LIVE Streaming (Christian Events)

- Christian Music Videos

- Online Radio

MESAJ Media is founded by Adrian Roman, Marius Teodoru, Ionut Alazaroae and Ovidiu Spin from a desire of spreading the Gospel through all the technology that can be connected to the internet. They have a good experience and expertise in Videography and worked in many TV projects, Live Transmissions and other Media Productions over the last seven years.

Meet the Team:

- Faith
- Knowledge
- Experience
- Work force
- Networking
- Dedicated space for the video studio
- Some video accessories
- Sound equipment

We don’t have much but with some help from each of you we can reach the goal.

- Prayer We really need your prayers in this ministry. It is a huge fight to make God’s work in the Media domain, penetrating all the information that people receive from the secular public channels. If you remember us in your prayers, you make us the greatest favor you can do!
- Support We already have some things but we need much more and it is not a shame to inform you that we cannot face the needs alone.
We need all those money for buying the needed equipment for this ministry.
We would ask that you'd seek the Lord in prayer, and whatever He burdens your heart to give toward this ministry, either small or large, will speed this vision to come to completion and will bring many into the Kingdom of God. Our Lord Jesus is at the door, He is coming very very soon. Let us be generous and help many to be found ready and reconcilled to God when He comes. It is our desire that you would be mindful that it is your gift and your prayers that will cause many to rejoice at His coming.

In exchage for your donation, this is what we will do for you:

- Prayer

We will also pray for you and we are sure that God will bless you not because of our prayers but for your giving.
We already prepared a prayer list which is waiting to be filled and fulfilled.

- Live Transmission

We know that a lot of our Romanian brothers in Christ are living in other countries and didn’t come to visit their churches and families for many years. What we can do for you is to make a live transmission directly from your church in Romania, in exchange for your donation.
Unfortunately we can’t do it for very small donations but we can do it, on your demand, for any donation that can cover the costs of the Live Transmission.
We can bring your church service in Romania into your own living room anywhere you are in the world and make your homesickness lesser.

- Advertisement

We can do a video advertising spot for your company or your friend’s company.
Yes, we have the required experience for doing a great company video advertisement and we will do it, on demand, in exchange for your donation. Even if you have a small or a big company, a NGO or a Church, we can do a Video Spot for you or somebody else you wish.
If you wish to make a Promotional Video for a company, we can do it for you in exchange for your appropriate donation and you will help launch a great life changing ministry.

- Music Video

If you are a singer and you want to record a Music Video for one of your songs, we can do it for you in a professional manner. If you’re not a singer but you have somebody who is and you want to make him a gift, we can do it for you in exchange for a donation that covers the costs for that.

We want to thank you in advance for your support and assure you of our committment and dedication to reach the vision that God gave us for this ministry. To Him be all glory and honor!
May God bless you and grant all of us the wisdom and power to seize any opportunity to spread the Gospel to the world we live in.
God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. Hebrews 6:10

If you want to receive more information about the project you can contact us.

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